Minimo Playful Motivation - Learning at Home

Minimo Playful Motivation

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"Make homeschooling fun for everyone! The Learning at Home magnet kit is a “practifun” tool that helps homeschooling families like yours carry out a smooth learning routine. The small magnets, with their attractive and colorful illustrations, encourage your children's independence and make learning at home easier. Use them in any order you choose to create your daily family routine, or let your children decide their weekly learning schedule. Goodbye conflicts, hello autonomy! Bilingual magnets to promote learning a second language INCLUDED MAGNETS - Physical Activity
- English
- French
- Mathematics
- Science & Technology
- History & Geography
- Art & Music
- Reading
- Computer
- Study
- Project
- Relaxation / Yoga FEATURES - Ideal for supporting homeschooling for elementary school aged kids - 12 round magnets, illustrated with important school subjects