The Naked Bomb - Bath Salt Starter Set - 7 Bath Salts (5 lbs each)

The Naked Bomb

Regular price $5.95

Bath Salt Starter Set: Includes all 7 scents (5 pound bag of each scent), 100 shakers, 7 small silver scoops, scent labels and POP signage. Acrylic Base and Crocks sold separately.
Use your own glass jars, or add our acrylic separately.

Our bath salt "experience" is fun for the customer and has high margins for the retailer! Customers can layer their salts in one container or create a bath salt 4-pack.
The label on the salt shaker invites your customers to bring the jar back to your store and have it refilled at a discount.

All natural, high quality, Mediterranean bath salts. Unit cost with shaker $2.28. MSRP is $5.95. 62% Profit Margin (higher margin on the refills). Made in the USA.

Want to just purchase bath salt by the pound instead of a complete starter set? Then, see our Faire listing for bulk bath salts to purchase by the pound.
Please call or email with any questions, as we are committed to customer service excellence!