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Bogg Bag

Bogg® Bag Bauble - Black and White Double Tassel

Bogg® Bag Bauble - Black and White Double Tassel

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Indulge in a sugary-sweet adventure with our enchanting Cotton Candy Bogg® Bag Collection! Featuring the dreamy hues of cotton candy swirls, this collection is available in the Original, Baby, and Bitty Bogg® Bag sizes. Plus, for those who prefer a cooler touch, we offer the Cotton Candy design in our Original and Half size Brrr's, complete with a decorative insert and strap wrap for added flair!

Just a gentle reminder: Clorox wipes and other cleaners should not be used when cleaning printed bags as it can damage the quality of the print.

Whether you're strolling through the fairgrounds or heading to a whimsical picnic in the park, the Cotton Candy Bogg® Bag Collection adds a touch of sweetness to every outing. Don't miss out on this delectable Limited-Edition release – grab yours before they vanish like a sweet summer breeze!

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