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Lil’ Yolkers Hide and Tweet 6 Pack Eggs

Lil’ Yolkers Hide and Tweet 6 Pack Eggs

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These colorful Lil' Yolkers eggs are not your ordinary chicken eggs! Crack open the shells to reveal egg-xtra special colorful , perfect for laughs and learning. Help your child match each chick with their specific shape and color in their carton for a fun learning activity. These toys do not require batteries and are perfect for holidays, such as Easter. Compact and travel-friendly, they can be stored neatly in their carton for on-the-go fun. These plastic eggs with adorable are perfect for toddlers 18 months and up, helping to develop fine motor skills while providing hours of entertainment.

Features & details

  • FUN DESIGN: Lil' Yolkers Eggs - the classic educational toy that teaches through play! With each egg coming in a 6 rich colors, they're perfect for color recognition and matching. The unique shapes of the 6 different egg bases fit perfectly in the blue egg carton base, helping your child develop core hand muscles and problem-solving skills. Watch your toddler improve their hand and eye control and learn through fun with Lil' Yolkers Eggs.
  • Teaching Through Play: Lil' Yolker’s Eggs is a fun educational toy teaching through play. The vibrant colors of each egg, orange, green, purple, yellow, and blue, help children learn about colors and matching. All this while having fun with the 6 different facial expressions on each egg helping develop strong social skills. This activity is a great way to help your toddler improve hand-eye control and fine motor skills, and social skills while having fun.
  • Designed for Children: Measuring 1.8 inches long and 2.7 inches high. Made of a toddler-friendly special coating material, they help improve a toddler's sensory perceptions while keeping safety a top priority for parents. The smooth surface and edges of the eggs are easy for little hands to grasp, developing grip strength in young toddlers. With these eggs, your child can learn and improve their skills while staying safe and having fun.
  • Perfect Gift: The Lil Yolkers Hide and Tweet egg set makes a great gift for children and new parents. It's perfect for any gift-giving event like Easter, Christmas, birthday parties, or baby showers. These toys are great Easter basket stuffers and can be used for fun egg hunt games. Encouraging children to match the eggs brings about engagement and connections between adults and children. Everyone focuses their mind on the egg toys, creating a technology-free and fun environment.
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