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The Happy Marshmallow

The Happy Marshmallow

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Happy Marshmallow Toddler Game teaches children about colors, taking turns, counting, and following directions in a fun and engaging way! This roasty toasty toddler game is specifically designed as a first game for young players, introducing them to essential skills that will benefit them throughout their childhood. The concept of the game is simple yet exciting. Players grab a marshmallow roasting stick and take turns drawing cards, then adding matching marshmallows to their sticks. The objective? Fill up all the roasting sticks! Once achieved, the players can celebrate by pretending to "roast" their marshmallows over a campfire while singing campfire songs. This game is not only entertaining, but it also serves as a valuable addition to your collection of learning toys for 2-year-olds. Our Peaceable Kingdom preschool games, including the Happy Marshmallow Toddler Game, are expertly designed to boost various skills such as fine motor skills, color matching, pretend play, following directions, and vocabulary building. By engaging in this game, your child will have a blast while developing crucial skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. The Happy Marshmallow Toddler Game includes 2 marshmallow roasting sticks, 12 marshmallows, 1 pretend campfire, 12 marshmallow cards, and a parent guide to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone. The game's vibrant and eye-catching colors immediately capture your toddler's attention, making it an ideal addition to your array of board games for toddlers and toddler toys age 2 and up. Discover the joy of family bonding and nurturing new skills with your little one with the Happy Marshmallow Toddler Game!

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